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• About Sarah O'Connell •

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Sarah O'Connell is an experienced broadcaster, film critic, movie and games industry guru, actress and caricature artist.




Sarah has run since 2003, reviewing all the latest movies, attending premieres and press junkets, and interviewing the likes of Robert Downey Jr, Will Smith, Robert De Niro, and Quentin Tarantino.























She can also be heard every week on 102.4 Wish FM and Fm 1 Fm Radio.










Sarah's film and videogame reviews have been published in Booked Magazine, which has a circulation of 100,000 readers in the United Kindgom. She also wrote an 8-page article about Back to the Future in the first issue of NOAH magazine in Germany.




Sarah has appeared on a number of TV shows over the years. One highlight included the 2011 Assassin episode of Derren Brown's The Experiments, where she got to meet the brilliant Stephen Fry.


She was a contestant on Jack Dee's Don't Sit In The Front Row on Sky 1 and invited to do a caricature of him. Also on the show were Katherine Ryan, Joe Wilkinson and Dave Gorman.


Sarah later went on to appear in another Derren Brown program, this time playing a zombie in his Apocalypse show.


She also took part in a flash mob dance sequence for the opening of Britain's Got Talent with Ant and Dec, along with a TV pilot for Objective Productions.


In March 2016, Sarah had a reoccuring supporting artist role on series 2 of BBC Two's Boy Meets Girl, working alongside Rebecca Root, Denise Welch and Harry Hepple.




Sarah relocated to Los Angeles, California in August 2004 to work as Project Coordinator on the WWE creative team at THQ. During the next year she worked on four titles, including Smackdown Vs. Raw, Wrestlemania 21, Day of Reckoning 2 and Smackdown Vs. Raw 2006.


In 2006, she worked as PR and Online Manager at SEGA's Creative Assembly studio. Over the next five years I worked on the BAFTA award winning Total War series and console games. I also travelled extensively on global PR tours to the United States, Russia, Australia and all over Europe.


In 2012, Sarah joined Koch Media / Deep Silver as their Social Media Manager, working on all of their film and game releases, such as Saints Row IV, Dead Island Riptide, Metro: Last Light.


She also attended the premiere of The Frozen Ground with Nicolas Cage and Vanessa Hudgens, interviewed Parkland director Peter Landesman, The Raid director Gareth Evans, and Stuck in Love director Josh Boone.


Sarah joined Microsoft's Lift London studio in 2014 to work on some top secret projects!


This is Sarah O'Connell's story to date (well, some of it!). Stay tuned for all the latest information and get in contact if you have a business proposal, interview or TV appearence request.


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