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• Any Major Dude •

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Directed by Sean Baker, Any Major Dude is an indie comedy drama set in an English village.


When we first meet 42-year-old Colin (Scott Brindle), he’s psyching himself up in a bathroom mirror. Flash back to two months earlier, and he’s preparing for a completely different kind of entrance at a colonoscopy appointment.  Anxiously considering his own mortality, Colin then puts together a bucket list at the pub. Travelling down Route 66 and learning to surf both present too many challenges. He can’t swim for starters. So Colin settles for his third life goal; to perform with a rock band at his wife Freya’s 40th party. But first he’ll have to assemble a band…
























Going through a midlife crisis, our insecure protagonist is also worried that Freya (Angelique Fronike) might still have feelings for her ex-boyfriend. It doesn’t help that he’s also a popstar with the hit song ‘Be My Bear’. But can Colin keep it all together to fulfil his own musical ambition?


In case you’re wondering, Any Major Dude is also the name of the record shop where Colin buys his guitar. It’s mercifully not a military-themed reboot of Dude Where’s My Car.


Given the budget of £5K, the film doesn’t feel restricted by it or having cut any corners. In fact, some of the shots are quite creative, and there’s a variety of scenery and locations. The comedy drama genre is a perfect fit, given their financial limitations. Fuelled by dialogue and character development, it does however sometimes feel like a feature-length sitcom. But given that actual TV sitcoms often lose their magic when ambitiously adapted for the big screen, this is no bad thing. The dialogue is witty and observational, with a cheeky dash of Men Behaving Badly about it.


Impressively, producer John Holdsworth not only wrote and edited the movie, but he also penned the rock-and-roll soundtrack too. A veritable quadruple threat, if you will.  


Any Major Dude is a charming and humorous indie surprise that shows great potential from its cast and crew. Definitely worth a watch!


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By Sarah O'Connell on 23rd March 2017

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