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• Babyliss Curl Secret Review •

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I was first introduced to the Babyliss Curl Secret when my hair stylist used one to add curls to my hair before a wedding in October. Impressed with the results, I knew I had to get one, having previously struggled with curling irons. Or rather, struggled not to burn my hand with them!


The instructions advise to only use the Curl Secret on clean and dry hair that is free of styling products; though it doesn't specify whether this includes heat protection sprays. It also notes that the styler shouldn't be used on long hair below bust level. So avoid a push-up bra if you want to get away with extra length! I kid.




























The device is intended to be used in a specific orientation, with the open part of the curler pointed towards your head.  Once the hair is inserted and the handles closed, your hair will be drawn into the ceramic curl chamber. It beeps four times to indicate that it's time to release the handles to remove the freshly curled hair. With two temperature settings, you can better avoid damaging colour-treated hair too.


I was initially a bit apprehensive having heard tales of people getting their hair stuck, but if it happens, the device quickly beeps to alert you and stops winding it in. I found that by separating each 3cm wide strand of hair away from my head, it minimises tangles. This mainly seemed to happen when the top of the Curl Secret wasn’t properly angled towards my head, so practise makes perfect. It wasn't as heavy as I imagined either, so you can totally curl your own hair. Though if a friend happens to be there, you can also treat them to a glam hair makeover too!



Tip: Fully release the handles before pulling the hair out. This will prevent hair damage and also maintain the curl while the hair is still warm. Avoid brushing it too until cooled down. The built-in ionic conditioning system will also help minimise frizz – result!


For a longer lasting curl, you can twist it back up and hold in place with duckbill clips until cooled. When you’ve teased your hair into the desired position, use a strong hold hairspray. Both of which are sold separately.




























The package comes with a mat which is very useful when waiting for the device to heat up or when separating the next hair strand to curl. There's also a bag that's heat resistant on the inside, so the device can be stored away while still hot.  


In short - I was completely amazed by the Babyliss Curl Secret! In minutes I was able to create gorgeous waves. It was just as effortless as I'd hoped and with 3 timer settings for different looks (loose waves, medium and tight curls). I know I'm going to be getting a LOT of use out of this. Simply thrilled. It only misses a full five stars because of the potential tangle factor, but hopefully Babyliss will perfect this in a future model.

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By Sarah O'Connell on 28th December 2015

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