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• Batman and Harley Quinn (Blu-ray) •

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Directed by Sam Liu (Batman: The Killing Joke), Batman and Harley Quinn is the latest animated feature from DC Universe.


After Poison Ivy and Jason Woodrue - aka the Floronic Man (basically an evil version of Swamp Thing) steal a secret dossier, Batman and Nightwing realise that they'll need a little help to track them down.
























Recently released from Arkham Asylum, the infamous Harley Quinn is trying to become a reformed citizen, working at a low-paid job as a waitress. That said, she still proves more than a handful for Nightwing as he attempts to recruit her. When Harley eventually joins forces with the caped crusaders, she quickly demonstrates that she can more than handle herself, both verbally and physically. Her innate unpredictability and wild hijinks also serve as a fun contrast to Batman's deadpan delivery and seriousness.


Poison Ivy's nefarious plot is actually rooted with good intentions; to prevent deforestation and climate change. The downside being that she might have to wipe out everyone on the planet to achieve it. Awkward.


The voice talent is top-notch with Kevin Conroy returning as Batman (a role he's played since 1992), Michelle Rauch as Harley Quinn (Big Bang Theory's Bernadette), Loren Lester as Robin, Paget Brewster as Poison Ivy, and Kevin Michael Richardson as Floronic Man.


Given the heightened popularity of Harley Quinn since the release of Suicide Squad, it makes sense that she'd get a dedicated film. DC Universe's animated offerings are always of a high quality, and while falling a little flat during the finale (and a little flatulent during a tonally inconsistent fart scene), there's still plenty to enjoy. The humour and dialogue is otherwise quite adult, so is unsuitable for younger viewers.


Batman and Harley Quinn is an entertaining animated adventure, with the unlikely pairing ensuring a comedic dynamic throughout.


Special Features include an insightful featurette called The Harley Effect, along with Loren Lester: In His Own Voice, sneak peeks at DC Universe's next animated movie, The Dark Knight Returns Parts 1 and 2, Assault on Arkham, and trailers for Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, Justice League Dark, Justice League, and Wonder Woman. There's even two full Harley Quinn themed classic episodes of Batman: The Animated Series to enjoy, making this an even more attractive package.


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By Sarah O'Connell on 29th August 2017

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