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• BBC Radio Solent Interviews •

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30th March 2017


I was invited by BBC Radio Solent to do another live interview in the studio with Sasha Twining. Here is a clip on BBC iPlayer from our 50 minute chat:











































25th October 2016


Here's a clip from my first interview with Sasha Twining on BBC Radio Solent, where I spoke about my life, career, raised awareness about LGBT issues, and also answered questions from listeners.














































24th February 2016


I was interviewed on BBC One's BBC South Today on 24th February 2016. It appeared on both the 6:30pm and 10:30pm broadcasts, hosted by Sally Taylor and Tom Hepworth:




























I was also interviewed by Julian Clegg live on BBC Radio Solent on 23rd February 2016 on the Breakfast Show, as well as for an article for BBC News online.


Sasha Twining interviews Sarah O'Connell live on BBC Radio Solent - 25th October 2016 and 30th March 2017