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• Cirque de Glace - Evolution  Review •

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Starring the Russian Ice Stars, Cirque de Glacé takes us on an incredible journey through the ages, from the forging of earth, to the creation of man and our evolution through time.


Starting with a volcano and dazzling pyrotechnics, we see cavemen, the invention of the wheel, discovery of fire, the moon landing, the toxic industrial age, deforestation and a glacial shift. Each segment has a different feel, pace and costumes. The music also goes on a journey, from ambient tranquillity to thumping drums and more contemporary pieces.


Without a safety net, some of the aerial acrobatics may make you want to cover your eyes, but you'll be too mesmerised to look away. The performers are fierce, enthusiastic and undoubtedly fearless. As the ice starts to fly, it conjures images of Singin' in the Rain. If you're sat in the first few rows, you may even get some in your direction!






























Perhaps because of first night nerves or maybe just the unforgivingly slippery nature of ice, but there were a few tumbles throughout and lost footing. Though it all just added to the drama and served as a reminder that these are very real stunts. In every instance, they recovered gracefully and the show seamlessly went on.


Often breath-taking, enchanting, and occasionally nerve-wracking, Cirque de Glacé is a unique and varied show that'll keep you on the edge of your seat. Plus; where else are you going to see ice-skating astronauts, chainsaw wielding lumberjacks and a flaming hula hoop dancer?


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By Sarah O'Connell on 6th January 2016

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Cirque de Glace - Evolution is on at The Mayflower Theatre in Southampton until 10th January 2016.