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• Interview with Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Flick White •

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Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

I am Flick and I am a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist living in Brighton. Over the last few years I had been working as a Teaching Assistant at a Primary school in Windsor. I loved my job, but it didn’t excite me and ignite the passion in my heart in the same way as Makeup application did.


Have you always loved makeup and when did you decide to pursue it as a career?

In 2014 I decided that life was too short and it was time for me to take my natural flair for beauty application to the next level, so I applied to study a Bridal Hair and Make-Up at the Makeup London Academy (MLA). Throughout the course I shone in a wide variety of areas, including theory and practise of colour matching, conturing, as well as correction make up techniques.


Which kinds of makeup do you specialise in?

Since completing the Bridal Hair and Makeup course at the Make Up London Academy, I have started to develop my own hair and makeup company, Flicks of London, and have quickly built up a clientele by providing a luxury and personal beauty experience for both wedding days and other special social occasions.    


















What are your favourite brands of makeup?

One of my favourite brands of Makeup has to be Urban Decay. I am such a big fan of the amazing pigments they use in their colours and they have such a variety of colours across their brand to suit so many differ skin tones. A personal favourite of mine would be their ‘All Night Setting Spray’- it’s incredible!


I am also a huge lover of Rimmel. Their ‘Stay Matte Foundation’ is fantastic and makes your skin look flawless for up to 12 hours, their lip liners come in a mixture of subtle and striking colours which hold your lipstick on all day and their ‘Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara’ will instantly add volume and length, creating a false lash look.


For a more natural look, another personal favourite would have to be ‘Bare Minerals’. Their mineral makeup is radiant, silky smooth and problem solving at the same time. You can really transform your skin with this makeup.


What brushes do you use?

I hold a variety of different brands and styles of brushes in my makeup kit. I believe that every women needs a good set of makeup brushes in order to apply makeup correctly. For me, I believe their are several brushes you should have in your kit without fail. Firstly a ‘Stippling brush’, this dual-fibre brush is a trade secret for creating air-brushed, high-definition results with all kinds of makeup. Do you ever get those streaking lines of foundation on your face after using a flat foundation brush? Well, this brush will smooth out the lines and buff the excess foundation away, creating a completely flawless look. Secondly, I believe every women should also have and small angled brush to use to fill in their brows and to create definition when using eyeliner. The great thing about small angled brushes is that they work great with powder, liquid and creams. Finally, I believe it is essential to have a good set of highlighting and contouring brushes to ensure you can chisel your cheekbones correctly. My recommended brands for brushes are- ‘E.L.F’, ‘Real Techniques’, ‘Bare Minerals’ and ‘Mac’.


What is your own daily makeup routine?

For my own daily makeup routine I like to be able to create a quick, natural full coverage look that will stay strong all day long. Here are the steps I take to create my perfect look:



Cleanse - It is so important for me to cleanse my skin to keep it looking young and healthy, it also helps to remove all the dirt from my pores. I use ‘KIKO Cleansing Milk’.

Tone - By toning my skin I always feel squeaky clean. I like to use ‘NARS Multi-Action Hydrating Toner’.

Moisturise - For me, adding moisture to my skin is essential as I have some very dry areas on my face. I actually love to use ‘Lacura’ which is a Q10 day cream from Aldi!! It’s fab and cheap as chips!

Primer - Before attending Makeup school I never use to use Primer, but I was clearly missing out. Primer works as a brilliant base for your makeup, protecting your skin from absorption of the makeup and also keeping the makeup fresh all day long. I like to use ‘Sheer Cover Base Protector Primer’.

Foundation - Now, this is the most important element for me as I do like a full coverage foundation that makes my skin look flawless. I use ‘Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation’. I adore this foundation as it is cheap and works wonders with my fair skin.

Concealer - I use ‘Loreal Lumi Magique Concealer ’. It brightens my eyes and covers all of my imperfections. I like to use it as a highlighter for under my brows too, as it gives them an instant lift.

Powder - After applying foundation and concealer your skin can start to look a little shiny and greasy, so I like to use a nice matte powder to set the makeup in place. I use ‘Revolution Pressed Powder (Translucent)’

Bronzer - I use a light dusting of bronzer in my contour areas just to add a touch of warmth to my face. My personal favourite is ‘Warmth All-Over Face Colour’ by ‘Bare Minerals’, it is very subtle and you only need to use a small amount.

Blusher - For a fair skin girl like myself, I love to wear a rose/peach coloured blusher to add definition to my cheeks. I like to use ‘Bobbi Brown Blusher (Slopes)’.

Eye Shadow Primer - For the daytime, I like to wear subtle colours on my lid, usually a mixture of taupes and browns as they are perfect for a natural look. I use ‘Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette (Naked)’.

Eyeliner - I like to create a nice thin line along the lid and to create definition I add a small feline flick. I use ‘Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner’ as I find it striking in colour and very easy to use.

Mascara - I love to have a great mascara that makes my eyes stand out. I like to use ‘Rimmel Scandal Eyes’ as it adds volume to my lashes and extends them in length.

   Setting Spray- To finish my look, I always use a setting spray to ensure my make up stays fresh all day long. I like to use ‘Urban Decay All Night Setting Spray’.


How should we prepare our skin before applying makeup and what do you use to remove it?

When preparing your skin for makeup I always remember to Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise and Prime. These steps are so important to ensure you are protecting your skin from the environment. These products prevent viruses and bacteria from penetrating your skin, therefore by ensuring you follow this process daily you will leave your skin feeling fresh, clear and healthy.


To remove makeup I feel its best to use a makeup remover rather than wet wipes. As tempting as it is, wet wipes will dry and age your skin and will not remove all traces of make up. The best way to ensure your skin is makeup free in the evening is to repeat the process above - Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise.


Who are your style icons?

My top style Icon would have to be Brigitte Bardot. I love her combination of perfect bikinis and floppy hats, buttoned-up pantsuits, and simple dresses with shockingly short hemlines. For me, she is the ultimate style icon. Her makeup style is utterly fabulous, showcasing a striking smokey eye with feline flick and a beautiful matte nude lip to finish.  


I am also a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe’s makeup look. The peroxide blonde hair with the gorgeous duey glow makes her look glowing and sexy. She wears extra long lashes and creates a shadow under her eyes using dark eyeshadow. Additionally the gorgeous striking red lip liner, gloss and stick she uses, makes her lips looks luscious and dramatic. 


What are the biggest makeup mistakes that you see people making?

For me, the biggest makeup mistake I have seen is with eyebrows. Nothing irritates me more than incorrect brow application. Nowadays women seem to want to over do their eyebrows and layer on a dark colour to give a thick, bushy look. Eyebrows show be subtle and should compliment your face.


Another make up mistake I see very often is women wearing foundation that is too dark for their skin colour. Remember with foundation you should match to your skin tone as near as possible and you can always add colour with a bronzer. You can use the bronzer to blend down your neck and to contour your collarbone and chest.


Finally, where can we see more of your work and of course, book you?  

If would like to check out my work, and book me for 2016, please visit my website at and social media accounts Twitter/Facebook/Instagram- Flicksoflondon

By Sarah O'Connell on 13th January 2016

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