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• Interview with Jason Attar •

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You play Kevin Powder in Powder’s Peckham. What was your inspiration for the character, and is he an extension of your own personality?


Kevin Powder is a rock 'n' roll wannabe hovering on the outside of social scenes. He has big dreams and he doesn’t let anyone get in his way. He likes the idea that he’s dangerous, but he really isn’t.


The character of Kevin came from some advice that comedy commissioners had about me being quite fearless in front of the camera. So I wanted to create this physical buffoon. I wanted to get under the skin of someone that had utter belief in their own self but actually do things a bit upside down.


I don't think I'm personally like Kevin - but my friends, family and crew might tell you something different!


The film is the first to be powered by an online ‘crypto currency’ called Kevcoin. Can you tell us exactly what that is and how it works?


We developed a new digital currency called Kevcoin which is a 25% profit share in the movie. It works in a similar way to bit coin. We are using the Kevcoin concept as a narrative thread within the film. Everyone that comes to the premiere will receive 1 million Kevcoins.


This way of funding a movie has never been done before. Independent film has such a difficult time reaching an audience, so we thought that this could be a good way of building up that audience, by having advocates talk about the film and sharing in its potential success.
























By Sarah O'Connell on 18th April 2016

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The ambitious plan is to shoot and edit the entire movie in 35 days, then debut it at London’s PeckhamPlex on 20th April. How is the production going and do you enjoy working under is pressure?


To deliver a film in 35 days means many filmmaking processes have to overlap. We are generating the story as we go and the editor is cutting the daily rushes, which then go off for a sound mix. This is the hardest thing any of us has ever done, but it is, ultimately, very fulfilling on a technical and creative level.


In the film, Kevin is attempting to make a sci-fi movie of his own entitled The Day Peckham Stood Still, using real members of the public. How did they react?


We are trying to blur the lines between reality and fiction, so we have real people and actors interacting with one another. Certain story elements are kept secret from the performers so when they are revealed we can get genuine reactions from them. All performers are now aware it is a manipulated reality comedy.


Finding people off the street and improvising with them is notoriously difficult – especially with an outrageous character like Kevin. At one point, we were surrounded by several people all demanding that we delete the footage we had just shot!


Aside from the people on the street, how big is the cast and crew of this production?


We have a crew of five and a cast of ten.


What attracted you to Peckham as a location to film?


We chose Peckham because of its social and ethnic diversity. There is a big African, particularly Senegalese, community and an older set of English locals centred around the famous Nags Head pub.


It gives us a broad range of people to feature and really reflects the whole of British life.


How many hours of footage will likely be captured on the streets before it’s edited down?


Because the project is improvised, the shooting ratio is quite high. We have around 200 hours of rushes. And the premiere is on Wednesday night. Eek!


Who are your comedy heroes and what makes you laugh?


My comedy heroes include Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chaplin, Steve Coogan, the cast of the Office, the sadly missed Gary Handling.


After the premiere, when will Powder’s Peckham be on general release?


Powders Peckham will be available for direct digital sales from May. We are not sure about going down the festival route, but we would be happy to hear from any distributers.


Finally, have you got any messages for your fans and why should everyone watch Powder’s Peckham?


There are certain moments in the film where no one, including the cast knows what will happen next. This is a smudged reality, and is as gripping as real life itself. It's a must see. And you'll get 1 million Kevcoins!


Kevin Powder