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• Professional Makeup Tips and Tricks •

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By Sarah O'Connell on 18th January 2016


I've pursuaded UK makeup artists to share their secrets to exclusively bring you these professional Tips and Tricks! This feature will be updated regularly so stay tuned and be sure to share with your friends.


Thanks to Flick White and Lucy Christian for their contributions!




FW: Bend the end of the mascara brush into a right angle to manoeuvre the wand easier around your eyes and to extend those outer lashes.


LC: Try to get the brush as close to the lash line as possible and gently blink down, this way you will get all the lashes coated evenly - my favourite for lengthening and long wearing is, Arbonne Its A Long Story.




FW: To create a perfect feline flick, use tape along the outer lid line, apply liner and then pull away to have a perfect defined line.


LC: I like a creamy eye liner that's long wearing, I love these as you can create a perfect line, or blend for a smoky eyed bombshell look.




FW: When creating the perfect smokey eye, always remember to use the lightest colour towards the inner corner of your eye and as a base and blend out into the darkest colour towards the outer eye. It is always about blending, so use a good blending brush to create a natural smokey eye.


LC: When creating a strong pigmented look, gently pat the colour over the lid with your brush, or wet your brush to really make the colour pop, you can also use an angled brush and dampen it to then use the shadow as an eye liner.




FW: Always use powder which is one shade lighter than your natural hair colour to create the most natural look.


LC: I prefer to use a coloured wax and powder, it seems to last so much longer and doesn't smudge.




FW: To find the perfect colour, always try out the foundation on your jawline to get the best match.


LC: Definitely get a colour match done where you can. And read make sure your getting the correct one for your skin type.




FW: Use lip liner as a primer to keep your lipstick bold and long lasting. Fill in the whole lip for a more dramatic look.


LC: I've always been a lipstick kinda girl, I use my lipstick brush to outline the lip line first, always starting from the middle, then fill in with colour, blot, then apply again.




FW: When contouring the cheeks, always add a bronzer just underneath the cheek bone and drag upwards towards the ear to create a perfect chiselled look.


LC: Look in the mirror and do a really big smile, look where the ball of your cheek is and start there and stroke upwards towards the temples. Just stay on the cheek bone, you don't need to spread it all over your cheeks.

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