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• SEVENTEEN Long Lash Mascara Review •

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On 31st December 2015, SEVENTEEN launched their new Long Lash Mascara. Available in black, it is available exclusively in Boots stores and online.


I’m pleased to report that this mascara really does noticeably lengthen lashes. With its useful mini-brush, it’s possible to get to the root of the lash, without poking yourself in the eye or making a horrible mess. There’s nothing worse than not being able to coat the hair to the lash line, and with this wand it isn’t a problem.  It also does a good job at separating lashes, minimising time needed to manually do it afterwards.  


One coat didn’t quite do it for me, so I’d suggest applying a second to build volume. For the evening I do prefer a bit more drama, so you can always apply more, or pair with a thicker product or primer for longer lashes with added impact.




















The mascara performed well throughout the day and didn’t lose definition or need further application. I can attest that the formula is also smudge-proof, so if your lashes cross paths with your fingers or hair on a windy day, you won’t need to quickly fetch a mirror. Provided you don’t touch them too forcefully, it doesn’t leave any little flakes either. Though having given my eye a good rub in the name of science, it did leave a few little specs. So don’t do that!


SEVENTEEN’s Long Lash Mascara is fab for everyday wear, either at work or out and about. It has great staying power and pleasingly lengthens lashes as promised. Only falling a little short in the volume department, it’s still a bargain at £6.49.

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By Sarah O'Connell on 18th January 2015

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